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GoDateNow Navigating the World of Online Dating: My Experience with GoDateNow

GoDateNow Navigating the World of Online Dating: My Experience with GoDateNow

Everything seemed beautiful, and we were a happy family. I sent lots of gifts to Svetlana’s daughter, including clothes for school, a new bike, a new laptop, and new school supplies. However, one day, a friend on the dating site wrote to Svetlana, asking if she had found her love. She answered him, saying that she was still free and looking. When I confronted her, she left without a word. I sent a few letters, but I never received an explanation or even an apology.

What kind of people use an 11-year-old to call men dad and say they love him?

Dominikaner fruar att köpa

This is not a site you want to try to meet anyone on. They will take whatever they can get from you and move on without a word. They are very good at pretending to love you, so stay away. If you can’t stay away and you see this woman, don’t fall prey to her. She won’t just take your money; she will destroy your heart and soul and take all your dignity.

It’s been two months, and she is still on the dating site every day, trying to find another man that she and her daughter can make feel loved and start over

If you go to the GoDateNow site, have a look around. Every woman is beautiful, and every picture is professionally taken. The more they can get men to write, the more they make the site and make profits from your letters. Some women, like Svetlana, will make it seem real and let you have their personal information. They will make you feel like you’re the best husband and dad in the whole world and that they found the best man in the world. All while still coming to the site and writing men and taking more men from the site for money and gifts. (далее…)

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