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Dear Urban Diplomat: Should I remove “double-vaxxed” from my dating profile?

Dear Urban Diplomat: Should I remove “double-vaxxed” from my dating profile?

Dear Urban Diplomat, I’ve been single throughout the entire pandemic, which, as you can imagine, has led to a lot of lonely nights. When my best friend found out, she said displaying my vaccination badge made me seem like a “desperate weirdo.” Should I remove it? -Moderna Love, Liberty Village

” Vaccination status might become commonplace in our brave new world. (In the U.K., jab badges are built directly into the apps to expedite matters.) Telling your matches that you’re fully vaxxed saves you from a buzzkill of a conversation-if you agree to meet up, you’re bound to inquire about each other’s status anyhow. So I say keep it in your profile. Bonus: your new bio will ward off any anti-vaxxers who might otherwise have swiped right.

People put all kinds of cringeworthy details in their dating profiles: GPA, salary, “Leafs fan

Dear Urban Diplomat, Now that gatherings are allowed, I’ve been hanging out with my buddies at Stanley Park. One of them recently started going to one of those new-age hipster churches where everyone seems to be an Instagram influencer. To be honest, I’m a bit concerned about him. I’ve heard those churches demand steep donations, and he’s been bumming beers from the rest of us during our get-togethers. Am I overstepping if I say something? -Bad Tithings, the Junction

So when I got my second dose, I downloaded every dating app in existence and proudly wrote “double-vaxxed” in my bio

Before you jump to conclusions about your friend’s finances, ask him whether his congregation requires members to fork over 10 per cent of their income to attend. (далее…)

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